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Keys to Maintaining Creative Flow and Banish Burnout

Whether you are trying to write a book, create a new product, teach history to your homeschooled children (not your subject), or just grasp a new perspective on some other aspect of your life, you probably become stagnant from time to time or may even experience creative burnout.

It’s NOT time to give up!  The real secret to conquering creative burnout and keeping your edge is to prevent your imagination from stagnating in the first place. Before you become sluggish in the imaginative arena, try one or more of these creativity boosters daily and soon you’ll find that you are moving closer to the mountaintop!

1. Keep a journal.  Write two or three pages every morning.  It doesn’t matter what you write about.  Carry it with you during the day, just in case another fleeting thought comes by so you can capture it.

2. Add “change” to your routine.  Move your desk across the room.  Drive a different street.  Read someone else’s magazines (but ask first).  Add some physical activity to an otherwise inactive day, maybe a round of hoops with your son.

3. Study a new technique every week. Change brainstorming techniques the way some people ought to change their toothbrushes – often.

4. Chill.  Ever get an idea while driving?  Taking a walk in the park?  While singing in the shower?  The subconscious does a lot of work while you’re relaxing.  Again, have that journal or recorder ready to jot down ideas!

5. Paint, draw, play music.  Skills that force you to think creatively – but to do things alien to your routine – can jumpstart a slumbering mind.  Build a birdhouse or work on origami or calligraphy with your child.

6. Practice problem solving.  Musical people often learn languages faster.  People who do crossword puzzles live longer and stay sharper.  The mind, it turns out, is a muscle.  Let’s keep it exercised!  Try out Sudoku or even that algebra problem that has stumped your teen.

7. Read. Walt Disney called Reader’s Digest a “gymnasium for training the mind,” probably because of the variety of genres that may be explored in each issue.  Live books, historical fiction and science books are wonderful for unlocking the brain to strive for new and higher potential.

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