Year of Transference

God wants you to know that a season of “Transference” is coming onto HIS Kingdom. He says that “Blessings” of Heaven have been stored up and waiting to be released into the church. He told me that 2013 will be a year of “Heavenly Transference”.
We need to prepare ourselves for what is about to take place. Power is going to be transferred to the powerless! Healing is going to be transferred to the sick! Prosperity is going to be transferred to the poor and ABUNDANCE is going to be transferred to those that have been living in lack.
God says we need to press in and wait with great “EXPECTATION”! Like the Day of Pentecost, God is going to send His SPIRIT once again to us as a MIGHTY rushing wind!  Be gathered together in ONE ACCORD says the LORD and prepared your selves for a fresh anointing and a RE-empowering of my Spirit.


Satan “thought” he had defeated Jesus. Jesus was beaten, battered & bruised. He was so abused he was no longer recognizable by many accounts. Satan really believed he had won. But, Jesus descended into the bowels of Hell and took the keys of death, hell & the grave away from him.


I think we face a similar time today. The world has been beaten, battered & bruised. Our nation (a nation that once honored God and was founded on HIS principles & precepts, a nation that was once “BLESSED of GOD”), appears to be defeated. It appears to be in the throes of death. Satan “thinks” he has won. He thinks he has defeated the last remnant of Christ on Earth.


I submit to you the promise of God that says HE will never leave or forsake us.

• We are the remnant of all mighty God!
• We are the “Blessed of the Lord”!!!
• We are the King’s kids!
• We are heirs to the promise and co-heirs with Christ.
• We are “partakers in the “Blood Covenant”.

The problem is that we have forgotten the promise & provision of our “Blood Covenant”. We have believed the lie of Jezebel. We have yielded ourselves to FEAR and forgotten our “PLACE” in the Kingdom.

I believe that it’s time for the remnant of Israel, the seed of Abraham to rise up. It’s time to REJOICE!!! I say REJOICE!!!! The KING of Glory is come among us!

I, the Lord of hosts say to you and ALL of the partakers in the “Covenant of BLOOD” to rise up and reclaim your place in the Kingdom. Reclaim your country! Reclaim the promise!

Have I not promised; “everywhere you set your foot is yours for an inheritance of the LORD!”

The Lord would say to HIS people ARISE!!!! My Spirit is upon you! My GLORY is about to SHINE on you once again! I, the Lord say to you-
• MOVE in me and receive your inheritance!
• Move in me and receive the blessing and PROMISE I have prepared for you.
• Move in me and receive your HEALING.
• Move in me and receive your deliverance!
• Move in me and receive your Salvation!

Know that I am with you ALWAYS! My promises are always yea and AMEN! Begin to press in and my GLORY will descend.
• I will BLESS!
• I will RESTORE!
• I will DELIVER!
• I will EMPOWER!

I say to you my children, ARISE and experience the GLORY I am about to reveal.

Yea and AMEN says the LORD!

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