Welcome to the new Providential Pathways!

Allow us to edify, exhort & encourage you in the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus the Christ. We invite you to explore God’s goodness as we walk the providential pathways of life together. We pray that you will be blessed by our ministry.

Our Mission:

The primary mission of Providential Pathways consists of edifying, encouraging, and leading church leadership and members to a higher level of faith and a closer walk with Jesus Christ!

This is done through Biblical teaching and counseling while under the anointing the Holy Spirit. Enlightenment and edification is accomplished through deeper contemplation and focus of the Holy Word of God.

Study outlines and reference materials are given to each person in attendance to help their understanding and extensive time is made available for prayer, laying on of hands, and apostolic imparting of the presence of God to touch each individuals life.

Why this ministry?

Almost two decades ago before illness almost ended my life, God birthed in me the idea of a ministry. The primary call of this ministry is to exalt the name of Jesus and encourage ministry leaders & lay people alike to seek a deeper relationship with God; while providing tools, materials and encouragement to all that God would direct in our path through HIS Divine Providence.

Thus, “Providential Pathways” was birthed into existence by the breath & direction of the Holy Spirit.

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We look forward to sharing the "Providential Pathways" we've traveled in life with you. We are blessed that you've discovered our site and look forward to getting to know you better... learn more here.

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