Allow God to heal the boo-boos in your life.

This past week we were talking about how we treat our children when they fall down & get a boo-boo. As parents (or grandparents), we bring our children inside to us & sit them down to clean up their wounds. We lovingly wash and apply antiseptic to clean & sterilize the wounded part. (Cleaning it up mat “sting” just a little. But, we know it’s what’s best for them.)

After we lovingly dress our child’s boo-boo to protect it from further infection from the outside world; tell them to be more careful and send them back out.

Isn’t that how our loving FATHER deals with us when we have boo-boos in our life?

When we come crying to Him about our hurts & boo-boos of life, GOD will lovingly take us unto Himself and sit us down in a place of rest. Then, HE will lovingly clean & disinfect the wound we have received from a stumble or fall. (Sure, it may sting a little going through the clean-up & disinfectant period. But, our FATHER knows what’s best.)

God will dress our wounds with a bandage of LOVE, tell us to be more careful and send us on our way.  Our Father loves us so much more than we can ever imagine or think.  HE is truly an AWESOME God!

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