Making Banana Pudding from Scratch!

Our little chef was at it again!  She saw the bananas getting a little too ripe to enjoy and asked if she could learn how to make banana pudding.  She had watched me before and just needed a little coaching!

All of the tools and ingredients were gathered on the counter.  The double boiler was set up and the eye turned on while she measured the flour, sugar, and adding the milk slowly to mix without lumps.  Then she separated the egg whites from the yolks, whisking in only the yolks to the mixture in the double boiler, which was by now heating up well.

Then, in between frequent stirring with the whisk she peeled the bananas, and put the first layers of nilla wafers and sliced bananas.

All of the sudden the mixture in the double boiler started transforming from a runny sweetened milk to a thicker, silky smooth pudding texture!  It was time to turn the heat off and add the vanilla!  That was the prettiest pudding I’ve ever seen!  It’s consistency was perfect!  Now was the time to finish the layering process and garnish with nilla crumbs!

There’s nothing like warm homemade banana pudding!  MMM MMM Good!  Maybe next time we’ll try to make the merange for the fun of it!  I hear that is a huge transformation as well!

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