Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Despite a low turnout,  we had a great day in the Lord today.   Today was “Pulpit Freedom Sunday”   I learned a few things today and all I can say is “God is AWESOME!”  (I found out that more than 1600 churches across America came together in one accord today to talk about TRUE marriage and why God considers it sacred!)

While I was listening to the service,  a thought came to me and I’m thankful the Pastor gave me time to share it with those in attendance.

Here it is:

The most “spiritually” powerful thing this side of Heaven is blood bought, Spirit-filled” husband & wife coming together in a  “Covenant” of marriage with God.


You see in a marriage it’s not only the union of man & woman.  But, it’s the “covenant” union of ONE man, ONE woman and GOD.  This, in turn, got me to thinking about the “3” most sacred covenants that we will probably ever enter into as Christians:

The first and most important covenant we will ever make is/was initiated by God and His desire to see us restored to HIM.  This is the covenant we enter into when we received Jesus as our Lord & Savior.

The second most important covenant most of us will make in the eyes of God and before man is the covenant of marriage.  A good marriage can be the most spiritually POWERFUL things we can be involved in as believers.  The marriage covenant is initiated by “mutual” agreement.  But, usually involves a man asking the woman he loves to enter into it with him.

Finally, the third most SACRED covenant we will ever enter into in the eyes of God and before men is the covenant we make to our  church”.  Unfortunately, many christians do not see church membership as something SACRED in the eyes of God.   But, our membership in our local church is indeed a SACRED VOW in the eyes of God!


So, if God has led you to join a local church, you need to consider your membership SACRED and important to God.  The Bible tells us “NOT” to forsake the assembling of others (Heb 10:25).  We also see that Jesus considers Christians who are carrying out the will of God to be even more sacred & important as blood relatives. (Luke 8:19-21)  There are countless other scriptures that reveal the importance, sanctity and esteem to which GOD holds HIS Church.  It is vitally important for us to do likewise and hold our church, our Pastor and our church family in SACRED esteem.  However, the tragic & harsh truth is most christians today see church almost as a non-issue in their walk with God.


While it’s true that going to church can’t save you, becoming more involved in your local church can help us live more victoriously in Christ.  Holding our relationship with our church in higher esteem and realizing that the church/Christian relationship is one that GOD considers SACRED will also help open up doors of blessing & effectiveness in our walk of FAITH.


I want to encourage you in the Lord today!   If your relationship with your church is not where it should be, you should ask God to forgive then change things in your life so you will begin to see “church” as something SACRED, HOLY and Important to God!  Get involved today and you will begin to see changes in your life tommorow.


God Bless!


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