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We are a family of four plus five more (2 horses, 2 dogs, and a chicken).  We are Tim (50) and Cindy (46), married for almost 22 years, and have two wonderful children, Jonathan(11) and Kendra(9).  We are currently learning the ropes of OTR (On the road) life through videos, shopping for RVs in nearby states and online, and through conversations and emails with other families who are OTR full time.

Desires and hopes are high that we will find our way to success in leaving the 9-5er rules and restrictive schedules that have consumed our entire adult lives.  We’re shooting for being at least part-time OTR by Spring 2012.  Come and share our journey to freedom!

During the last year we took a huge step in the right direction in that we broke away from traditional schooling and became a homeschooling family.  What an exciting and freeing experience for Mom, though somewhat of a nerve wracking one for Dad on the homefront.  You see – T has been battling chronic health concerns that have prevented him from working a “normal” job for over ten years.  Through much expense, trial and error, and personal studies in alternative approaches to the many health issues, we have been able to manage his symptoms and improve his quality of life and outlook for a better future.  His main jobs now are as minister, husband and homeschooling father.

Both of the kids are excited about the prospects of getting on the road.  Both love to play soccer, swim, and spend time with their friends. Jonathan has recently begun showing off his talent and skills in the art of magic (mainly card tricks).  It is truly amazing all that he can do, effortlessly it seems, with cards.  K loves to read, play dress up with her friends, and is showing signs of becoming an artist and writer.

Mom(Cindy) has been the main breadwinner and wearing many hats throughout this period with little break.  Though it’s a great blessing in these perilous times to have a good (and somewhat safe) job, it is time to break free and spread wings into those areas of passion.

What?  Well, Cindy needs to focus (devote) her attention (pursue her passion) to exploring the world of holistic health (natural medicine) to attain wellness in herself and family to the fullest and help others to also achieve wellness through sharing of personal experiences and educational materials on a variety of health and wellness topics. Cindy has completed training as a Certified Aromatherapist and several courses in holistic nutrition. She also greatly desires to nurture her children’s wonder at the world around them and become even more involved in their daily learning experiences.

Being a couple, getting this far, still together as one, and even expanding our family to four has proved to be quite a journey.   We can now envision allowing our adventurous spirits and eyes of wonder to roam across the country at a leisurely pace.  Creativity is being reawakened steadily as we move along this journey.  Let us never forget the gentle, loving, guiding hand of God in this process.  We must be obedient in moving out as He leads and be always thankful for each step of progress.

We hope to be an encouragement to others who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and to educate in the many natural alternatives to (traditional)mainstream (western) medicine and big pharma.  In turn this will bring us all closer to the way God intended.  Our great creator God has provided us with all of the tools necessary to maintain good health.  We must go back to the basics.  We hope to help others to realize their dreams as well and to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

We are blessed that you’ve discovered our site and look forward to sharing Providential Pathways with you!
Tim, Cindy, Jonathan & Kendra

3 Responses to “About Us”

  • I met you in Sumter, SC at the homeschool fair. I would love to start blogging with you, but am new to this form of technology. How do I get to your blog site? Hope you are doing well and reading and learning Bible together as a family!!

    • Tim:

      Hi Dara;
      Thanks for stopping by. I would love to have you do some quest blogging for us.

      Perhaps you can come up with something related to “Home Learning” or “Work from Home”.

      Again, I’m glad you came by.

  • Maitake health:

    Hello I’m deep into healing. And I got to your site. Thanks for writing is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for your advice. I’ll Tweet this.

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