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A Lesson in Cooking the Best Okra

Last night as I was preparing to cook dinner, my nine year old daughter Kendra wanted to help me.  She asked what we were having.  I said “salmon patties, homemade fries, and fried okra,”…. something we rarely have, but we were stuck inside because of rain and storms.  Her eyes lit up and she asked if she could learn how to make the okra, one of her favorite foods.  I said “Sure!” and pulled out the paring knife but then thought it better to show her how to use the big slicing knife.

She was thrilled, of course, and watched and listened intently as I showed her the ropes.  She then hopped up on the step stool and began rinsing, topping, and slicing the okra, asking if she was doing alright all the while!  Once she had finished that she asked what to do next.  So I had her crack an egg, and stir in a few spoons of corn meal mix.  Thrilled again, she asked of she could learn to actually cook it, too.

By this time Dad had come in to help keep an eye on everything and joined in the lesson on cooking!  She practiced the safety issues of carefully working around hot oil, making sure the pan remained still while she turned the okra, and watching it carefully so that it would not burn.  She ended up making a wonderful batch of okra!  It’s like candy to the tastebuds!  YUM!  And Kendra felt such pride in her accomplishment!

Today she is helping to prepare some more lightly breaded okra for the freezer to use through the fall and winter while mom puts up a batch of peaches!  Next we will work on the apples and put up some pear juice.  It’s fun to get back to the basics, the old times that I remember of working together as a family to prepare for the coming months and learn some valuable home skills along the way!


I Corinthians 13:13

There are three things that remain – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.

I Corinthians 13:13

Let us always love through adversity, convey hope to those less fortunate, and have faith to recognize that HE has greater things in store for us!  Always keep your eyes on HIM!

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